Know Thyself by Dr Craig Hassed

If you ever find yourself stressed at work then this little book  is perfect for you.

This is a neuro science and positive psychology based stress release programme.  The course outlined in Know Thyself has been adapted not just for health professionals but for anyone who might find themselves suffering stress.

The book  incorporates mindfulness in a practical and simple way to enhance mental and physical well being, relationships and productivity.

What I got from this book was a programme that provided theory, and exercises for practical application of the theories and science.

The result from following this programme is a deeper understanding of how one operates and makes decisions. This impacts on how people lead and interact with others.  It is a book I recommend to anyone who feels a bit stressed or overwhelmed. Follow the steps and you could change how you operate permanently and positively.

In the interests of transparency, the above link is an affiliate link to Amazon. I only recommend books that I have personally read and whole heartedly encourage others to read. Click here to see this book on Amazon:


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