Training that allows for all styles of learning.

Group Facilitation ServicesGai Foskett is a Master Certified Coach who has delivered over 6,500 hours of one-on-one coaching internationally with high level executives, business owners, managers and individuals.

Gai has been delivering high impact and powerful coaching for over 20 years spanning her time in corporate life managing teams, through to her current time in her own coaching practice.

Gai specialises in training people in coaching skills. She has been a senior lead trainer for RCS for 9 years. During this time she delivered the entry level coaching intensive training program, a 3 month program delivered face to face and in part via telecalls. She also trains RCS continuing and advanced education coach training programs including training for executive coaches, small business coaches, intuitive, work skills, life skills and a range of other coach training programs.

When not delivering training  Gai develops and delivers her own workshops which range from basic time management, sales management, getting organised, through to a more light hearted ‘Happiness to go’ workshop.

Gai is highly skilled in bringing all those in the training room into a safe and energised learning space whether it is face to face or via telecalls or webinars.
Simply discuss with Gai what your training needs are and she can develop and tailor a program to suit you.

The key to a good training workshop is that it should create an environment that allows for all styles of learning: visual, auditory, kinaesthetic. It should also be experiential with hands on and doing things as well as fun.

The agenda for a training session is set by the client , but typical workshop content include:

Sales management
Goal setting
Areas of personal development.

Recently, Gai have been doing some innovative and exciting work training Managers to coach their staff.


A training session is held at the venue of your choice. This may be in the office environment or elsewhere, such as a conference venue or as part of a team building session.

This is what Gai’s trainees say.

“As a trainer Gai seems to COACH the group to new learning and experiences. Gai has a deep appreciation of each student and their value which they bring to the class. I was fascinated with the depth of experience bring to a learning and also who she is as a person.”

“Conveyed, facilitated and modeled all concepts and practices remarkably well – especially in terms of Coaching PRESENCE; exemplary stuff – likewise her teamwork with the Co-Lead Trainer, which ensured an invaluable learning and developmental experience – Thanks!”

“Fantastic facilitation, coaching skills, management of a diverse group in unknown territory, demonstrating intuition beautifully.”

“Gai was extremely professional, clear in her communication, and powerfully lead the whole course.”

“gai rocks!”
What does it cost and what do I get?


Training Services

  • Every training situation is different and is likely to require a tailored approach. Please discuss your requirements with Gai.
  • If your business or organisation needs help with training, contact Gai today to discuss the options and possibilities.