How people get better at what they do

Have you ever heard or thought to yourself, why would a successful person  or an expert ‘need’ a coach? Good question. The answer often refers our thinking to how top sports people have coaches and then , well, that’s OK because it’s sport. Right?  Maybe not…

Somewhere along the way, you stop improving. Everyone who wants to keep getting better at what they do will find they can do that easier with help  – from a coach.

Atul Gawande talks about how coaching in his profession, literally saved lives. Take a few minutes, 16 minutesin fact, to listen to his powerful story and experiences, as he puts himself through the discomfort – and great rewards of working with a coach.  Then, if you are one of those successful and expert people who really does want to keep getting better at what they do, email me

I help experts stay expert.


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