Gai Foskett - Group faciliaterAn independent voice can prompt a group to do amazing things!

What is Group Facilitation?
The main principle underpinning group facilitation is the use of an independent facilitator who has no agenda other than to help the group achieve their aims. This allows the facilitator to ask both the challenging questions or the dumbest of questions which the group may not have considered. This in turn helps that group start to see new possibilities, create new thinking, agree to new actions.

The independent group facilitator has no attachment to an organisation’s “sacred cow” topics or processes. It is often the ‘sacred cow’ thinking that may limit the way people in the group think.

Group Facilitation is ideal for any group that needs help with:

Mapping out a Business Plan

Clarification and setting a Strategic Direction

Clarifying company vision and values which in turn creates culture

Sorting out and finding solutions to any challenge facing them.

The facilitator gives the group thinking tools to identify goals and plan processes to achieve them.

Gai creates an environment that is motivational, robust, safe and FUN! Yes, FUN. Just because something is important doesn’t mean it has to be tackled in a state of deadly seriousness. Fun too, because we know our brains work better in a positive state.

Who is group facilitation for?
Group facilitation is suitable for any group of Business people: Directors, Senior Managers, Sales Teams or any other group or team within an organisation.

Where is group facilitation carried out?
A group facilitation session is held at the venue of your choice. This may be in the office environment or elsewhere, such as a conference venue or as part of a team building session.
It is often very useful to go to a venue away from every day workplaces.
What does it cost and what do I get?

  • Facilitation Services
  • Facilitation requires a specifically tailored approach to achieve your objectives.

Contact Gai to find out how she can help you with your group facilitation needs.