Just another day? Take another look and change it…

There is a lot of talk about  learning to understand self, your intuition and what makes you happy.  You might have been doing some reflecting, journaling, or mindfulness exercises. Perhaps you are starting to see some patterns or trends – maybe the odd epiphany!

As a leader be it in your own life or that, plus in an organisation you are busy – really busy. Maybe a bit stressed. Sometimes it is really easy to fall into that feeling of overwhelm with so much to do and that little voice asking you, what is the point? what difference am I making? Well, those are great questions and the answer is very important.

There is no wrong answer of course. Only YOUR answer, and your answer is perfect. Unless of course you are not happy with that answer.  At the end of today will you look back and be satisfied with how you have spent this day?

Dr Rachel Naomi Remen author of’ “The Art of Living Every Minute of your life” suggests this short exercise at the end of the day to notice new things and most importantly, learn to notice your life as it happens each minute.

This is what you do:

At the end of the day think back on your day and ‘rewind’ it as if you were rewinding to review a movie. Think back from the moment you are in, to when you got home, to when you left work, to the parts and activities of the day, keep rewinding back until you are back to the moment you opened your eyes that morning.

Then as you do this ask your self 3 questions. The first one is:

What surprised you today? and write that down

Then rewind again but this time with the 2nd question which is

What touched your heart today?  and write that down

Then finally, the 3rd question

What inspired you today?  and write that down

Ask yourself these questions as if you were an artist, or a journalist. Be curious.  If you do this every day, you will start to notice and amplify the positives. You might start to notice people speak to you differently, probably because you might be changing. Who knows what you might discover.

Just BEING you makes a difference. Remember. We are human beings, not human doings – so how are you being  today?

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