Two critical parts to making tough decisions

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between your values and your beliefs? And if you have, did you have to do some mental gymnastics to understand those aspects of how you operate? And now that you do know the difference you think  – so what?

Well, the so what of this is that knowing what you value and what you believe is your power tool when you are making tough decisions. This is the case as you go through your life making decisions that are personal, equally if you are running a business or leading teams.  There are different aspects of values for business/corporate situations which I’ll get to in another post. This post is however about you, as the decision maker in your own life.

Have you ever decided, ‘enough’ – I am not putting up with this anymore. But you are not quite sure what it is that you are putting up with? After all, you have a good life, you have pretty much all you have worked for and wanted. BUT, there is something missing. The answer might lie in understanding your values, and knowing what you believe about your world.

In my experience in working with high achievers that are looking for a new way to operate it is essential to honestly and carefully examine what you really value. Now these might in part be things or experiences or feelings that you do not have in your life right now, but you want it. You value it. But you are not honoring that value. By examining your values through a lens of curiosity and positivity, you can see ways to create the environment you want. An environment and way of being that has you being drawn to the important things in your life easily, rather than chasing after them like you are being chased like a tiger.

Your next job to the change is to get really clear about what you believe about the world. Your beliefs you create through your own perceptions, experiences or maybe through being told something  by someone. These get ‘hard wired’ This is the lens you have for the world. But here is the thing. Just because something has happened in the past, does not mean that is the truth for your future.

If you have had unsuccessful relationships, businesses etc in the past it does not mean that it will be your future.  So you can learn to separate your thinking from past limiting beliefs thus enabling you to see possibilities for a future that is based on what you value, what you want to experience and feel, what makes you happy. You take action and make decisions based on what values you want to live in the future.


First – clarify what your values are and notice where you are not living them. Is this the bit that has you saying ‘enough of this’?

Then, write down what you believe about your world, yourself, your future. Notice if they are empowering you or limiting your thinking.

Decide what change you want to make based on what you want and value.   If you need a tool to clarify what you do value, email me  at  or click on the button and I’ll send you one with my compliments.

Take 2 minutes to view this video by Richard Barrett, founder of Barrett Values Centre. He describes with clarity the difference between beliefs and values and their place in your decision making.

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