How to make hard choices

The people I work with are generally high achievers, dynamic, and live in a fast paced world. Their days are filled with making decisions and sometimes- Hard Choices.

The hardest choices, the big ones, are often filtered through the traditional ways of thinking about choices. For example: the pros and the cons, the facts of the different options, what  expectations from others are there.  And often, we have full information and the choices seem ‘equal’

What happens then? Well, often we take the ‘safest’ option.

I have met many highly successful people who for their careers, businesses or personal life have taken the ‘safe’ option. But this catches up. Why?

Because the approach to their decision making was flawed. The questions to ask are more like:

  • Who am I to ‘be’
  • What do I stand for?
  • What reasons do I have to take option A.?

This is the domain of what you value. What do you value? And how can you use that to make your Hard Choices?

Take 14 minutes out of your day and listen to what Ruth Chang has to offer about making hard choices….it just might help you make that hard choice in a new way.

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