A 10 minute video that cuts through limitations

What do you do when suddenly your whole world changes? That world might be a project you are working on, or a situation in the workplace, or maybe personal life pursuits. And what if the change that appears is irrevocable, permanent and prevents you from pursuing your dream? What do you do? Do you walk away...
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Goals Can Be Dangerous

I was reading about an amazing adventure that my friend, former client and colleague is undertaking right now. Sarah Wilson is an adventure coach and is in the midst of one of her own amazing adventures right now. It’s called Cook to Cook. (more…)...
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The two key things leaders know about stress

Today leaders need to know how to ‘lead’ themselves through their own life and their daily responsibilities as leader at work. We have a frighteningly fast pace of change and innovation, changing expectations, demands and concerns for staff and their well being and development, not to mention new ways of communicating, selling, distributing to make a...
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Why would you turn your thinking inside out?

What is it that people who lead by inspiration do so differently to those who lead through position? It might just be that those who inspire do so by 'being' who they are. That is, their message and beliefs create a connection between humans.

I was pondering the other day on those leaders we...
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When will the rescue happen?

In my work as a coach, often with leaders in corporations or private companies, I see in their eyes a look of panic. A look of being trapped, or of waiting for the rescue vehicle to arrive and 'fix' their lives. The rescue that is going to get them out of their extremely busy, and...
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Strategies to Warm up to Winter

I have two key strategies for this. One is not to have a winter, avoid it completely, deny its existence on the planet - just go somewhere hot for 6 months, works a treat and it’s something I have done a number of times by living in Thailand, Florida and to an extent Australia. However,...
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What is a Results Certified Coach

Gai Foskett is a Results Certified Coach accredited by Results Coaching Systems The Results Coaching Systems is a leading global coach training organisation and a leading human performance organisation with operations in more than 15 countries. Since 1998, Results Coaching Systems have run over 150 wide scale organizational interventions, and trained over 10,000 executive, personal and...
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Coaching… but does it work… really ?

A large Australasian financial services organisation decided to train a group of sales managers to be internal coaches. The training was over a period of 12 weeks consisting of three face-to-face training days, and 8 x 1 hour teleclasses. The programme commenced in September 2003. This is the final article in this series on coaching. Just...
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Matching Coach and needs essential

Managers today have more pressure than ever to get results from their teams, and yet often they are promoted through job specific expertise: they know how to get the job done, but they may not have the people and management skills to match. In the workplace, managers that truly have effective coaching skills produce significantly...
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Coaching: it’s got to be good for you

Coaching specialist Gai Foskett sets out to debunk the many myths surrounding coaching in the workplace. Over the next few issues she will delve into various areas of the subject:
  • Internal vs external coaches — what would suit your organisation best?
  • Robust coaching models — when deciding on a coaching company or a coach, it’s important to clarify...
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What do you want in a coach?

One of the challenges faced when employing external coaches is knowing what questions to ask. Coaching as a profession is still developing, and consequently there are few universally reliable credentials. Six major factors should be considered when looking to employ an external coach to work with your managers, staff and leaders. Experience - how long has the...
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Taking it personally

Gai Foskett knows first-hand how useful it can be to get an outside perspective on a career, a life, and that dream goal. BUSINESS and personal coach Gai Foskett left behind the trappings of a senior management job for a life focused on helping others to follow their own dreams. She describes her decision to give up...
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