When will the rescue happen?

In my work as a coach, often with leaders in corporations or private companies, I see in their eyes a look of panic. A look of being trapped, or of waiting for the rescue vehicle to arrive and ‘fix’ their lives. The rescue that is going to get them out of their extremely busy, and highly successful lives and career. Why is this?

Well, you might be reading this and thinking that this is NOT you. If so, well done. If it is you, or maybe there is just a tiny voice saying ‘hmmm, that might be me – then hear this. No one is coming to rescue you! spiderman

I know this, because this was me. As I sat in my large comfortable office overlooking Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, my great Executive Assistant outside protecting me from people wanting to actually talk to me, all the trappings of senior corporate life ( money, cars, trips, junkets – oh and more money) – it struck me – so, I have achieved my goal, here I am – so what!? and why am I so stressed when I have achieved exactly what I wanted? And, the worst thought of all, I am not happy. But I am trapped by these trappings. I can’t change this.

The thing is you can change.

  • If you clarify what you do want
  • what does really give you meaning in your life.
  • Work out your big WHY.

It takes courage, commitment but anything is possible once you accept that the only rescue vehicle coming is already there, within you, just waiting for the key to be turned and for you to put your foot to the floor.

So, what does give you meaning in your life?

What goals are you seeking that you know will still have meaning for you long after you have achieved it?

Work out what you value, and check are you honouring it?

And enjoy the ride!

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