Goals – and that sinking feeling and how to avoid it!

Setting and getting goals is exciting, inspiring and challenging – well at least I hope they are for you. And the ‘journey to the goals’ so often is such a rich experience on it’s own. That is great – but what about when you finally achieve that big big goal? You’re on a real high, buzzing for maybe a few days, maybe weeks or a month or two…..and then, you get that sinking feeling, that little voice in your head ( or is it your heart?) says ‘So what!?”

So what? you exclaim to yourself! That was huge achieving that goal and you remind yourself of all that it required – the hard, focused work, the changes you made, the commitment. Whew, it was huge. Quite right, so why is it that it seems quite hollow now? How come achieving this goal has not brought you the sense of deep satisfaction you were sure it would bring?

Well, while every human being is different with different values, beliefs and expectations it is safe to say that human beings need to have and pursue and live their meaning.

What does give you meaning? What is it that will still have meaning for you way into the future, not just the ‘now’ of enjoying it. What goals do you have right now, that has deep meaning for you and is based on your own values and beliefs.

Write down what gives you meaning and then check how much time or how often you do those activities that have meaning for you. Start being in a place of deep satisfaction and your own purpose – and enjoy.

This book is a must read it you are serious about being happy and achieving your goals.

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