Integration: NLP and Spirituality by Dr Richard Bolstad and Julia Kurusheva

In 2010 I had the pleasure and privilege of attending a workshop run by Dr Richard Bolstad and Julia Kurusheva. The week long workshop was all about Integration of NLP and Spirituality.

It was held in the Tao Health Resort in Chang Mai, Thailand.  I couldn’t quite figure out ahead of time how all of this was going to get integrated but somehow by Day 3 it just was! 

As an NLP Master Practitioner it was an invaluable learning and experience. As a coach to high achieving executives, managers and entrepreneurs it embedded some powerful new tools.  I refer to my manual often. I was very excited when I learned that Richard and Julia had written and published a book that encapsulated the core elements of the workshop.

The core elements of the book are:

  • The science behind the oneness and brain
  • Spirituality in history and modern times
  • NLP Processes which allow you to step out of limitations
  • Chi Kung processes

Combining NLP and spirituality gives you the practical understandings and tools to touch what humans being seek. In this book are a series of guided processes which invite you beyond ordinary consciousness, and which allow you to step out of limitations of the past and experience a new way of being.

It is a book that is well researched, and written in an easy to read manner. It is very rich reading and I would recommend it to anyone who is a bit curious about who they are, and most importantly, who they want to be and possibly even get a sense of their own purpose – wow!

I only recommend books that I have read and whole heartedly encourage others to read. In the interests of transparency, this is an affiliate link to Amazon. Click on the link below to see this book at Amazon.


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