Why the best leaders are invisible -short and sweet

It’s a very common thing for busy leaders. They want to achieve their goals. They want the best for their people (usually) and (hopefully) have only the very best intentions at heart. A common default is for the leader to think about themselves. How do they look to the world? To the team? To their bosses? (if they have one)

But what about if the default was ‘How does the team look? What does the team need? What does the leader need to be and focus on in order to truly lead and inspire their people. I think Lao Tzu sums it up nicely.

For the many leaders that I know read this blog, what is your focus? On what you need? and want? Or on what your team can achieve and how they can be and grow? Are you happy to be invisible as you quietly do the work in the background?

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