Generous, patient, determined, committed, open and professional

“Gai is a coach who is generous, patient, determined, committed, open and professional. Gai has exceptional listening skills, which, combined with powerful questioning, assist you in uncovering what is beneath the surface and what may be holding you back.

“Gai is a talented and experienced coach who was able to draw on her knowledge of NLP, mentoring, sales & marketing, and small business ownership and was willing to share her thoughts or insights she may have read about or gained from working with others.

“The 12 weeks I spent working with Gai on my 3 goals was life changing. It opened my eyes, challenged my senses and changed the way I view aspects of life. I hope to be able to maintain the momentum and apply it to other areas of my life.

“Thank you Gai for your tenacity, positive outlook and ability to walk with me each step of the way even when you were at the other end of the telephone.”

Tracy Keith