I was amazed at the insights I made over the twelve week series

“I am a successful educator in a late stage of my career who undertook life coaching because of general feelings of dissatisfaction with my lot. Gai helped me to identify 3 areas to really work on and we set measurable goals for me to achieve within a fixed time. Gai used and imparted skills and methods to reach these goals.

“I was amazed at the insights I made over the twelve week series. I now have a much better “life balance” and have the confidence to take important decisions concerning my personal and work-based future. I am much happier and much more positive about my life.

“I have realised just how lucky I am. I believe that I am more effective at work and I approach the future with a feeling of anticipation. Gai’s own long business experience enables her to quickly understand the issues of particular workplaces. Gai taught me techniques for staying on track and helped me to overcome some very old and deeply ingrained habits. These techniques will stay with me for the rest of my life.

“Her knowledge of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) provided me with extra tools to continuously modify my behaviour and to become aware of my “self-talk”.

“If I was to state the most important thing I learned from Gai, it would be that a happy and successful life is all about making informed choices. For that insight alone and the techniques to make the choices, Gai’s coaching series was superb value.

“I highly recommend Gai as a life or business coach whose practice is characterised by integrity, professional rigour and results for the client.”

John Jones-Parry
MA(Hons) Dip Tchg