My life has really turned around

“I have been working with Gai as my coach for the last year and it has been an amazing year! My life has really turned around and the coaching I have received has been a big part of that.

“Early in the piece Gai helped me set a goal for my business of “working where the juice is”. I already had a business but was less than inspired about some of the work I was taking on. Gai helped me take an objective look at the work I was doing and worked with me to develop greater clarity about the kind of work that would be really ‘juicy’ for me.

“I have now started a new business which brings together my passion for Adventure with Coaching – and it is called ‘Adventure Coaching’!

“The reasons that Gai’s coaching really made a difference for me were:

She kept me very focussed on clear and achievable actions

She provided strong accountability so that my old procrastination and ‘slippery fish’ did not get away with doing nothing

The tools that she provided in terms of decision making and thinking I now use all the time

She is always friendly and fun

“I recommend Gai as a coach if you really want to take a leap forward in your life.”

Sarah Wilson
Director, Adventure Coaching Limited