Gai had many tools and resources that I found very useful

I found Gai to be extremely flexible around my changing circumstances, supportive and encouraging. The initial 12 weeks ended up being spread over several months as a result of career changes and other areas of change. I found the process to be enlightening and enriching.

“I discovered many things about my personal beliefs and values through her facilitation. Gai challenged and pushed me when appropriate and I not only achieved the initial goals I identified but also achieved a couple of others. The work I did with Gai has proved to be a very useful foundation for a number of areas in my life which I have continued to build on. I would highly recommend Gai to anyone who is committed to self development and awareness.

“Her previous work experience in corporate management was very useful to me as I felt I was talking to someone who could understand the situations I was facing in relation to the day to day challenges of corporate life. Gai had many tools and resources that I found very useful and still use and she referred me to other books and websites that have proved useful references. Coaching has had a very positive impact on my life.

“I have developed far greater self-awareness, clarity on direction as well as implemented some positive new habits – both personal and work related.”

Tracey O’Callaghan