How do companies really use mindfulness?

There is much talk about Mindful Leadership and using Mindfulness in the workplace. But how do companies really use mindfulness as a tool and how does it really benefit the company and its employees?

I was listening to the interview with David Gelles, a business reporter for the New York Times about mindfulness and meditation in corporate life.

He referred to many different cases where mindfulness is being employed as a tool to raise productivity and performance.  Such as:

  • Introducing mindfulness training at CEO and senior levels that allow those people to be more present to their people and increase focus.
  • Training employees at the front line such as factory floor which resulted in lower workplace accidents
  • With technical experts not employed for their people skills and through mindfulness fostered a better ‘getting along’ with others.
  • Lower stress levels
  • Mindful consumerism

Have a listen to the interview, its only 26 minutes long and he shares some useful insights into how you could bring mindfulness into your workplace or your life and simply how you could do that.

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