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So you have achieved the goal that you have worked so long and hard for. Exhilarating isn’t it?  But then, a month or two down the track,  have you then ever experienced that so what feeling? That little voice that says ‘yeah, great, but what is next’? And off you go in pursuit of that next goal – the next promotion, the new toy, the beach house, luxury holiday or whatever ever it is that floats your boat, so to speak. How does that feel to you? I know from my work with leaders and senior executives who are outrageously successful, high achievers a common feeling is ‘hollow’ What do you do with that feeling? Ignore it? Laugh it off? Bury it? Does it come back? Usually.

There can be many elements of this “syndrome” to explore. A great starting point could be clarifying your values. Then honestly assessing how you are living them.  In this post I’ll first answer that question about just what are values, and then outline key steps you can take to ensure the goals you are setting are aligned with those things you truly value.

Simply put values are those things that make your life worth while. Those elements that if they were not in your life would be unbearable, untenable for you. The non- negotiables.


Your values are those elements of your life which you find personally important. They are linked to your  core beliefs and how your brain processes the world around you. They are those things that guide you on how to conduct your life in a way that is meaningful and satisfying for you.  Values are the things against which you measure your choices, whether consciously or not. You use them to rationalise your behaviour to yourself and others.  If your own values are not being honoured by you, then you will feel that internal conflict. That niggle. That hollow feeling even after you have achieved your goals.

You can download a free values clarifying tool here. It will take you through key steps to clarify your own values and also see where and how you are living them, or not.   Before you do that, if you haven’t already done so, you can use the free self coaching tool to break down the different areas of your life into smaller chunks. It will be helpful when you get into the values work.

You can get that free self coaching tool here

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