Executive Coaching Case Study

Case Study:

John, 39 is a senior executive head of a large division in a multi-national company. John’s main challenge was to pursue and achieve his corporate goals and maintain a fun and healthy life balance.

He was very concerned that his health and fitness were not what it could be, and also, with 4 children he was aware that the time he was spending with his family was not always quality time. John was leading a major restructure program and so had a goal to deliver the change successfully. He also had goals to have fun time each day with his family.

Through the coaching he explored and implemented new ways of defeating stress in work situations, he found the coaching process invaluable for keeping him accountable to the things that were really important to him. By the end of the coaching series he was spending time each day with his family and feeling really focused as he did that.

John did all sorts of different things with his family that he had never considered before – and it was fun! He returned to the gym on a regular basis and changed his eating habits – permanently. At work he felt more connected to his staff, became more aware of the impact of his actions on his team and the organisation, and delivered the change program successfully.

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