Another New Year and how to build better habits

Google “new years resolutions” and you come up with about 267,000,000 results in 0.24 in seconds. Some say make resolutions and stick to them , others say they don’t work and some say, like me, they do, and they don’t.

A resolution to change is nothing but that, even if it is written down. It is nothing without a plan, and action.  Resolutions don’t work. YOU work.  As you read this you might be totally overwhelmed by your own desire to change and all the different ideas to change. Have a look at this video, it will only take 5.47 minutes of your life. That isn’t long is it?  The key message in this video is that you can change and create new habits, one small step at a time. This video gives you some ideas.

  • Small steps
  • Be mindful and reflect on your past year – the highs, lows and what you have learned
  • Take time to write down the changes you want

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Watch this video by Dr Mike Evans

Wishing you the 2014 that you want…. really, really, want.

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