I am now regularly doing things I never thought possible

“Thanks a million for the time you spent with me during our six months of coaching. When we started I was unsure as to what to expect but pretty soon I found some new and exciting ideas to work on. These quickly put me in touch with better ways of thinking for both me personally and my business.

“Soon we were working together to produce some real changes. Now a few months out from the time we spent working together I can feel the real benefits of your coaching still extending me in a whole new field of physical activity. I am now regularly doing things I never thought possible. These include me, formerly a non-cyclist, participating in the Tour of Waikanae cycle event, doing the Taupo Cycle Challenge, and every day running up the stairs instead of ambling.

“My physical self has been (re)-born. Our insurance underwriting business has also benefited from my enhanced and more open attitude, not to mention better organisation. We are now achieving the growth we need with the last three months showing a 30% rise in gross income compared to the same period last year.

“Before we started working together I thought, at 55, my achievements were things of the past, now I see the important and vital ones as being the fruit of projects and plans I am working on for the future. Already I am achieving goals, and setting new ones I never dreamt possible. My investment of time and money in our work together has already been paid back over and over again.

“I consider it a privilege to recommend your coaching and training skills to anyone seeking to enhance their business operation and, particularly, to anyone wanting to reassess and review their view of their own capabilities and reality.”

Murray Rosser
Managing Director, Rosser Insurance Services