I feel stronger as a Leader and a Principal and I am backing myself more. I have a range of  strategies that I can use across my personal and professional life.

I am now:

  • cool and calm under pressure
  • more mindful – not reacting to a trigger I am choosing my response in a very powerful way
  • Found my voice in a new way.
  • know who I am at a values level- this is giving me the strength to be clear about what I want to communicate

I have changed how I respond to things. My language has changed. Coaching has helped me to determine what is acceptable behaviour and what is unacceptable behaviour. I also know what I need to let go of.

Since working with Gai:   I am way more succinct –  I have changed my language, changed how I have approach things,  I am also keeping things way more simple deal with the issue as the issue. I am listening carefully and am asking different questions.

Other results and unexpected benefits I am seeing in my life/work:

  • I am calmer and feel really proud and satisfied as to how I am dealing with different situations.
  • I am not sweating the small stuff. I am letting things go and not letting things deplete my energy
  • Gai helped me to see my gifts and talents. I feel I have more meaning and purpose in my personal and professional life.

One-hour sessions were brilliant. I always felt energised after a session

Gai’s approach I found to be holistic to achieving a work / life balance.

Be prepared to be challenged.

Gai has helped me to navigate a way of living where I take charge of my future

Coaching has given me a range of strategies that I can use to improve my performance as a leader and as a human being. It has also helped me to see the goodness in others as well as myself.

Bernadette Murfitt Principal / Tumuaki Sacred Heart Cathedral School Thorndon www.sacred-heart.school.nz