Gina Garvey on Executive Coaching with Gai Foskett

After 15 minutes of sitting and talking with her, Gai wisely and intuitively discovered that I had another reason for being there, possibly known to me or possibly not. I had a creative project I had been putting off that meant a great deal to me. Gai has helped make that journey from feeling stuck and fearful of change, of taking action of what would happen if I did do what I wanted to do, to doing it. What sets Gai apart from other coaches is the incredible amount of tools she brings to each individual. Her own extensive business experience, she has been there and done that. She has hard skills in coaching and a methodology and it works. She has compassion and empathy. It is who she is and she has experienced major change many times herself and knows how it feels. She also has amazing skills in NLP, and knowledge on how the brain works to make changes.

She helped me understand my beliefs, use my strengths. We set some creative dreams and goals. Some were incredibly scary but I achieved that and took another leap to write, produce, direct and star in my own show. It got great reviews. It was fantastic, but more important than that was the feeling that I had climbed my Everest. The thing that had felt impossible for years and I had achieved it. I could not have done it without Gai, no question. If you have a dream that is just a little secret that only you know about, ring Gai.

Gina Garvey