I would never have believed what I could achieve

As a Life and Business Coach Gai’s strengths of compassion, humanity and business savvy, combined with her skill as a communicator were a powerful blend in helping me to get some control in my life.

Prior to engaging Gai I often felt overwhelmed by work commitments and a frustration that at a personal level I was not living the way I wanted.

With Gai’s guidance I clarified personal and business goals and structured my life accordingly. She taught me skills to get control of the hours in my day.

I would never have believed what I could achieve; I went way beyond what I thought I could do.

From a business perspective I am enjoying the path I have chosen, and the rewards; the new Toshiba Laptop I am writing this on for starters. From a personal perspective, the insight I have gained with respect to the way I operate in the world and my abilities has given me a sense of being settled, and that for me is tremendous.

Gai was recommended to me as one of the best in Life and Business Coaching, and I believe she is. If you get the opportunity to work with Gai, go for it.

To quote Mark Twain – “Going out on the limb is where all the fruit is”

Doone B