I have engaged Gai as an Executive Coach and Presenter (at training workshops) on a number of occasions in past corporate roles I have held. I have also referred Gai to a number of company executives that were seeking establishment of staff development training and/or executive coaching programmes.

I have found Gai to be highly intelligent and perceptive at knowing how to get the best out of people, by helping them discover the abilities and talents they have within. Gai can then guide them through developing and utilising those abilities/talents to help them achieve goals they never thought were possible or to perform at a high level.

Based on my own experience and feedback from others, Gai has the ability to get people to be accountable to themselves, to ensure they maintain momentum in their effort to achieve their goals and dreams.  From a personal perspective, I have always enjoyed working with Gai who has helped me develop my skills and pathways, that have assisted me achieving my goals and business objectives I have set over the years.

I have always had pleasure in referring Gai to others as I know she will make a difference to them personally as well as their business.


Dave Shatford
Business Owner, AMP Assure