Working with Gai Foskett for these past five years has been an absolute game-changer for both me and my business. When I first embarked on this journey, transitioning from the public to the private sector felt daunting, and my aspirations to achieve what we now call ‘Rolls-Royce’-level of success just seemed out of reach. However, Gai’s unparalleled expertise, unwavering support, and strategic guidance paved the way for growth and achievement – both within me and the business alike. With her mentorship, I navigated the intricacies of that transition with confidence and finesse, turning those early ambitious goals into later tangible reality.

Gai’s insights and business acumen have been an invaluable asset, guiding me through uncharted territories and empowering me to make informed decisions. She never once hesitated to challenge me or to push me beyond my comfort zone, encouraging me instead to embrace change and seize opportunities that led to my adaptation and ultimately growth. Thanks to her relentless dedication and belief in my potential, my business achieved its best-performing year ever. Indeed, Gai’s impact extended far beyond that; she played a pivotal role in shaping me as a business leader and fostering a growth mindset that has since permeated every aspect of my entrepreneurial journey.

I cannot overstate the profound gratitude I have for Gai’s role in my success. Her ability to see the untapped potential within me has been truly awe-inspiring. Her support went beyond mere coaching sessions; she became a true partner, invested in my vision, and fuelling my determination to succeed. As I reflect on our transformative five-year collaboration, I can confidently say that Gai has been a key driving force, keeping me on track and at the head of my game. My sincerest thanks go to Gai for empowering me to reach new heights and for helping my business soar to all-new levels of success. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone seeking to unlock their full potential and achieve greatness in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

André Cocuccio UK Director, Marico Marine