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Where are you?

Having the privilege to work with great and inspiring leaders allows me to work with them in this really rich space of  exploration and curiosity. The question is- Where are you? - or rather "Where am I?" Are you above the line which is collaborative and playful? or are you below the line which is overwhelming and...
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Why can’t my people be more strategic?

This is part of a series of interviews with experts. The  people interviewed are experts in fields such as Positive Psychology, NLP, Neuro Science and other disciplines that I draw from in my coaching and training work.

This interview is with Dr. Norman Chorn. I have asked  Norman the questions I...

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Coaching – a necessity or indulgence?

This is a very useful question to explore. Every person experiences coaching in their own unique way and their achievements are equally diverse and rewarding. Here is a story from Jessica Podzebenko - her own unique reflections that answer the question. Coaching - a necessity or indulgence?

Normally a fairly self-reliant sort of person, last...

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How to set a solid foundation for success.

A long time ago as I sat in my corner office with views of Sydney Harbour bridge  and the Opera House, I realised I had achieved another long term goal.  It was very satisfying. It had been quite a journey. You know the scene. A very rewarding and healthy 6 figure income, company cars, trips,...
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