Am I glad I went through life coaching? – Absolutely, yes!

“Four months ago we sat down to begin my first session of life coaching. As we embarked on our journey, I was looking to you as my coach for answers and hoping that our time together would lead to some improvements in some areas of my life, mainly my job performance.

“Four months later I’m writing to you as my coach and friend to thank you for helping me. I’m genuinely surprised by the extent of my in attitude and optimism for the future and extremely encouraged by my improvements in work performance. I can see with hindsight where these changes have come from as we’ve worked together on my beliefs, activities and work habits but I never expected to experience such a significant change from coaching.

“Yes, it’s been hard work and I’ve certainly been challenged through this period. Would I have been so keen to start the process had known the challenges that lay ahead? Probably. Am I glad I went through life coaching? – Absolutely, yes!”

You have helped me discover strengths I didn’t realise I had

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