I now have a clear understanding of my vision and how to get there..

I worked with Gai during 2012/2013.

Gai won’t take flakey answers. She revisits her questions until there is an insight or idea that is valuable and useful.

I love the way Gai coaches….strong when it matters and a hand to hold during the entire journey. Gai has given me a raft of tools and processes to use as I address/move forward in the next exciting stage of my planning and career.

Gai’s impact for me was very strong. Gai sets very clear boundaries that allows her to maximise the gains in each session. Her follow up and assistance after the session is fantastic, particularly for someone like me who although is planned is always finding it hard to create the time. The guidance notes and paperwork really assist in jogging the memory and focusing on the key points from each session.

From the coaching I have greater self-awareness and understanding of what makes me tick. I now have a really clear understanding of my vision and what I need to do to get there.  I now have a rich box of tools to use and apply in future.


Bradley Tong, NZ