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Free self coaching tool – 3 steps to change

Here we are racing through the year and racing towards the successful completion and achievement of those New Years resolutions - yes?  You know, those ones you set on 1 January? Sadly, weeks ago, many people by now would have  given up. Not because they didn't want to make those changes, rather, it just felt too...
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Another New Year and how to build better habits

Google "new years resolutions" and you come up with about 267,000,000 results in 0.24 in seconds. Some say make resolutions and stick to them , others say they don't work and some say, like me, they do, and they don't. A resolution to change is nothing but that, even if it is written down. It is...
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Does it really matter if your coach is an MCC?

I get asked this question, by both other coaches and by clients.      
  • What is a Master Certified coach?
  • Does it really make a difference to the client?
  • Why bother?
It is true that the road to MCC is a long one, needing to log at least 2,500 hours of coaching, pass assessments many times along the way, have mentoring,...
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You don’t have to become a monk to smile and relax

The word mindfulness seems to have become a bit of a buzz phrase lately. It is often linked with discussions about leadership, neuro-science, focus,  high performance and clarity.  I don't know about you but I have almost become a bit de-sensitized to that kind of language. After all, we all KNOW about that stuff don't...
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Two words that could change your life

This video is 6 minutes long, you will need speakers, and a pad and pencil to take  notes. I promise it will bring a smile to your dial, well, I can't promise that I suppose. What I can promise is that through the laughter there is a seriously powerful message and strategy that you can employ...
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How not to act insanely!

You no doubt have heard the saying that expecting a different outcome from doing the same thing is a bit insane, and yet, in my work with people I hear this kind of thinking time and again. For example, a company (read ‘human being making decisions within a company) sticks with a particular action that...
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What Great Leaders Understand About Themselves

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Patricia Hirsch on her 'Design Your Life' radio show. My topic was about the importance of leaders understanding what really makes them tick. In other words, what is that they really value? How do they 'live' those values each day? What happens when their personal values are...
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A 10 minute video that cuts through limitations

What do you do when suddenly your whole world changes? That world might be a project you are working on, or a situation in the workplace, or maybe personal life pursuits. And what if the change that appears is irrevocable, permanent and prevents you from pursuing your dream? What do you do? Do you walk away...
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Goals Can Be Dangerous

I was reading about an amazing adventure that my friend, former client and colleague is undertaking right now. Sarah Wilson is an adventure coach and is in the midst of one of her own amazing adventures right now. It’s called Cook to Cook. (more…)...
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The two key things leaders know about stress

Today leaders need to know how to ‘lead’ themselves through their own life and their daily responsibilities as leader at work. We have a frighteningly fast pace of change and innovation, changing expectations, demands and concerns for staff and their well being and development, not to mention new ways of communicating, selling, distributing to make a...
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