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How people get better at what they do

Have you ever heard or thought to yourself, why would a successful person  or an expert 'need' a coach? Good question. The answer often refers our thinking to how top sports people have coaches and then , well, that's OK because it's sport. Right?  Maybe not... Somewhere along the way, you stop improving. Everyone who wants...
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Where are you?

Having the privilege to work with great and inspiring leaders allows me to work with them in this really rich space of  exploration and curiosity. The question is- Where are you? - or rather "Where am I?" Are you above the line which is collaborative and playful? or are you below the line which is overwhelming and...
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Why can’t my people be more strategic?

This is part of a series of interviews with experts. The  people interviewed are experts in fields such as Positive Psychology, NLP, Neuro Science and other disciplines that I draw from in my coaching and training work.

This interview is with Dr. Norman Chorn. I have asked  Norman the questions I...

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How do companies really use mindfulness?

There is much talk about Mindful Leadership and using Mindfulness in the workplace. But how do companies really use mindfulness as a tool and how does it really benefit the company and its employees? I was listening to the interview with David Gelles, a business reporter for the New York Times about mindfulness and meditation in corporate life. He referred...
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Why you can’t build trust

One of the biggest challenges in the workplace is building trust amongst teams. Even more of a challenge when there is trust, but then for some reason it is broken.  Well, actually, lets expand this. It is not just in the workplace. It is about trust in any relationship between human beings. When I work with...
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What Great Leaders Understand About Themselves

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Patricia Hirsch on her 'Design Your Life' radio show. My topic was about the importance of leaders understanding what really makes them tick. In other words, what is that they really value? How do they 'live' those values each day? What happens when their personal values are...
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Why would you turn your thinking inside out?

What is it that people who lead by inspiration do so differently to those who lead through position? It might just be that those who inspire do so by 'being' who they are. That is, their message and beliefs create a connection between humans.

I was pondering the other day on those leaders we...
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