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How do values impact on employee commitment?

“To be mature you have to realize what you value most. It is extraordinary to discover that comparatively few people reach this level of maturity. They seem never to have paused to consider what has value for them. They spend great effort and sometimes make great sacrifices for values that, fundamentally, meet...

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Free Values clarifying tool

So you have achieved the goal that you have worked so long and hard for. Exhilarating isn't it?  But then, a month or two down the track,  have you then ever experienced that so what feeling? That little voice that says 'yeah, great, but what is next'? And off you go in pursuit of that...

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Free self coaching tool – 3 steps to change

Here we are racing through the year and racing towards the successful completion and achievement of those New Years resolutions - yes?  You know, those ones you set on 1 January? Sadly, weeks ago, many people by now would have  given up. Not because they didn't want to make those changes, rather, it just felt too...
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Does it really matter if your coach is an MCC?

I get asked this question, by both other coaches and by clients.      
  • What is a Master Certified coach?
  • Does it really make a difference to the client?
  • Why bother?
It is true that the road to MCC is a long one, needing to log at least 2,500 hours of coaching, pass assessments many times along the way, have mentoring,...
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You don’t have to become a monk to smile and relax

The word mindfulness seems to have become a bit of a buzz phrase lately. It is often linked with discussions about leadership, neuro-science, focus,  high performance and clarity.  I don't know about you but I have almost become a bit de-sensitized to that kind of language. After all, we all KNOW about that stuff don't...
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Goals Can Be Dangerous

I was reading about an amazing adventure that my friend, former client and colleague is undertaking right now. Sarah Wilson is an adventure coach and is in the midst of one of her own amazing adventures right now. It’s called Cook to Cook. (more...)...
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When will the rescue happen?

In my work as a coach, often with leaders in corporations or private companies, I see in their eyes a look of panic. A look of being trapped, or of waiting for the rescue vehicle to arrive and 'fix' their lives. The rescue that is going to get them out of their extremely busy, and...
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What is a Results Certified Coach

Gai Foskett is a Results Certified Coach accredited by Results Coaching Systems The Results Coaching Systems is a leading global coach training organisation and a leading human performance organisation with operations in more than 15 countries. Since 1998, Results Coaching Systems have run over 150 wide scale organizational interventions, and trained over 10,000 executive, personal and...
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How to find the right coach for you

There are some key factors to look for in a coach Qualification and Certification Not all people who call themselves a coach are certified by an accredited professional school, nor are they even true coaches for that matter. Certification is very important, because coaching is a profession that requires very specific skills, conduct...
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