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How people get better at what they do

Have you ever heard or thought to yourself, why would a successful person  or an expert 'need' a coach? Good question. The answer often refers our thinking to how top sports people have coaches and then , well, that's OK because it's sport. Right?  Maybe not... Somewhere along the way, you stop improving. Everyone who wants...
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How do values impact on employee commitment?

“To be mature you have to realize what you value most. It is extraordinary to discover that comparatively few people reach this level of maturity. They seem never to have paused to consider what has value for them. They spend great effort and sometimes make great sacrifices for values that, fundamentally, meet...

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How empathic are you?

As a coach I work with powerful, successful high achievers. I also work with people who are all of those and are also inspiring. Inspiring for me to work with but more importantly, inspiring for their teams to be with and follow.  While 'what makes an inspiring leader?' is an important and useful question to...
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Free Values clarifying tool

So you have achieved the goal that you have worked so long and hard for. Exhilarating isn't it?  But then, a month or two down the track,  have you then ever experienced that so what feeling? That little voice that says 'yeah, great, but what is next'? And off you go in pursuit of that...

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Does it really matter if your coach is an MCC?

I get asked this question, by both other coaches and by clients.      
  • What is a Master Certified coach?
  • Does it really make a difference to the client?
  • Why bother?
It is true that the road to MCC is a long one, needing to log at least 2,500 hours of coaching, pass assessments many times along the way, have mentoring,...
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What is a master certified coach?

The credential, Master Certified Coach, MCC is the highest global credential available in the coaching profession as defined by the International Coach Federation (ICF). The process to achieve MCC is rigorous, testing and thorough. For all credentials there is a requirement to continue a set number of further coach specific and personal development training each year to maintain their credential....
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