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How people get better at what they do

Have you ever heard or thought to yourself, why would a successful person  or an expert 'need' a coach? Good question. The answer often refers our thinking to how top sports people have coaches and then , well, that's OK because it's sport. Right?  Maybe not... Somewhere along the way, you stop improving. Everyone who wants...
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Buddy’s Brother – a must read.

I've had the pleasure and privilege of working with poet, writer, artist, business owner, Pete Carter. As usual, the coaching work was in part around changes and choices. So many choices, so many things that could be created, developed, bought, sold, experienced.

Pete is an extraordinarily talented, smart and creative person. He...

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Does it really matter if your coach is an MCC?

I get asked this question, by both other coaches and by clients.      
  • What is a Master Certified coach?
  • Does it really make a difference to the client?
  • Why bother?
It is true that the road to MCC is a long one, needing to log at least 2,500 hours of coaching, pass assessments many times along the way, have mentoring,...
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How not to act insanely!

You no doubt have heard the saying that expecting a different outcome from doing the same thing is a bit insane, and yet, in my work with people I hear this kind of thinking time and again. For example, a company (read ‘human being making decisions within a company) sticks with a particular action that...
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What Great Leaders Understand About Themselves

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Patricia Hirsch on her 'Design Your Life' radio show. My topic was about the importance of leaders understanding what really makes them tick. In other words, what is that they really value? How do they 'live' those values each day? What happens when their personal values are...
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Goals Can Be Dangerous

I was reading about an amazing adventure that my friend, former client and colleague is undertaking right now. Sarah Wilson is an adventure coach and is in the midst of one of her own amazing adventures right now. It’s called Cook to Cook. (more...)...
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Executive Coaching Case Study

Case Study: John, 39 is a senior executive head of a large division in a multi-national company. John’s main challenge was to pursue and achieve his corporate goals and maintain a fun and healthy life balance. He was very concerned that his health and fitness were not what it could be, and also, with 4 children he...
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