Coaching testimonials

It has been an absolute honour and pleasurable experience working with Gai. The Coaching process has been invaluable and I am able to use the tools gained in both my working and personal life.

Gai was able to challenge my thinking process to take positive steps when approaching barriers. Through Gai’s coaching I was able to identify and utilize my personal strengths and skill set to manage a range of issues. I am now able to analyse and implement strategic steps to accomplish my goals in an effective manner.

I have found Gai to be personable, with a great sense of humour. She is supportive and showed a dedication to meeting my needs. Gai is insightful, and has an innate ability to sift through my strengths and areas of development through active listening.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Gai as an experienced and hard working coach.

Nga mihi nui



Mat Hill
Deputy Principal/SENCO Blockhouse Bay Intermediate School Auckland Aotearoa

I have been working with Gai for the past two years and have found her to be a thoughtful and insightful coach, with a direct style of communication that is warm and engaging. Gai’s ability to communicate in a direct but friendly manner has been very welcome in terms of helping me to be accountable to myself for the actions that we set in our coaching sessions.

As a result of our sessions, I have become more confident as a leader and more able to communicate effectively with my team. Another valuable outcome for me has been working with Gai to identify my values and what is most important to me. Through this I have been able to bring a greater level of mindfulness to my work and achieve more balance between my work and personal life, something I previously struggled with.

One of the things I like most about Gai is there is no fluffy stuff and the raft of tools she has available to support the coaching sessions are practical and easy to understand.

I would recommend Gai to anyone looking for a coach that will cut through the noise and help them to grow as a leader in business and also as a person outside of work, which I believe is important for health and well being and to set yourself up for success.



Julie Chapman
CEO & Founder KidsCan Charitable Trust -

Gai is a patient and effective coach with a great sense of humour and a full arsenal of tools! She has wrapped a number of lasting measures around me that will support my current and future leadership growth. I particularly appreciated her flexibility and tuned in approach – being able to intuitively fit her programme to suit my needs. For me this was about being an ‘in the wings’ kind of support – there when I needed her but allowing me to ‘get on and do’ for the most part. As a result, our sessions were perfectly pitched and I feel fully equipped to independently achieve all the outcomes I have now set for myself.




Local Government Manager.

“I am a better leader today because of the coaching I receive from Gai”

I began working with Gai when I first moved into a senior leadership position, a move that challenged my confidence, values and self-belief…and my ability to manage my workload! Thanks to Gai’s coaching, support, practical tools and methodologies, I am thriving – I love my role, I have my voice and can confidently express my opinions and speak up when I don’t understand. I have absolute clarity on my values, and how I can live them every day in a corporate environment, where often it seemed at odds with what I believe and how I want to be.

Gai has helped bring awareness to and develop my leadership strengths and taught me how to have intelligent conversations confidently – at all levels, and in all sorts of situations.

Very importantly, Gai has provided me set of practical tools that I use every day, to bring mindfulness and awareness to what I think, say and do. I am able to manage my time and effectively prioritise and delegate – most of the time! And when I do feel confused and overwhelmed I know I have Gai right there, to help guide me back on track.

Now two years on, I can reflect on what it has meant having Gai alongside me on this journey, and it’s pretty much impossible to put into words. I feel prepared for a new challenge and when the time comes, I know I’ll be extremely fortunate, and very grateful, to have Gai right there alongside me.


Carly Graham
Head of Enterprise Solutions & Service Design, Vodafone NZ.

Gai is insightful, direct and a pleasure to work with. She has many great tools to share which are enormously helpful. If you are willing and motivated to improve your situation she has the experience, skills, tools and empathy to be a very effective mentor, guide and coach.

The balance was good – Gai ‘read’ each session and responded appropriately.

The coaching is very personalised  and the tools that come along with it can be powerful for making changes….as Gai says, you can’t change anything until you look at it…. So the coaching requires a lot of being honest with yourself, and looking hard at yourself.



Katherine McAlpine

In modern business, command and control leadership is no longer effective. Senior managers must constantly work to increase their ‘emotional intelligence’ as much as they do their other competencies. Not only to ensure that they lead more  effectively, but also to ensure that they are having fun doing so.

In my work with Gai over the last 12 years, she has provided irreplaceable support in developing my own EQ. As a result, I have learned to lead more effectively, but have also learned more about my purpose and about how I can improve my own personal sense of satisfaction in doing what I do.

Andrew Pullen
Chief Executive Officer Vortex Spas | Spa World w:

Gai is very intuitive, persistent and caring. She mixes her corporate experience with her coaching skills to deliver a system that allowed me to understand who I really am and where I want to go. By investing time and effort into the process she matches this investment through providing a raft of tools and insights to help me understand my preferences, beliefs, values & strengths. A session with Gai can be as nerve wracking as a job interview because you know that you need to be on top of your game, you can’t gloss over issues and she has a way of drilling down into the core of what is going on very quickly.

However, this is exactly what is required and with her guidance I was able to move through a period of severe change and uncertainty with a sense of clarity and purpose I didn’t know I had in me.

You will only get out of coaching what you are prepared to put into it. The magic of this is that it is your personal investment so by not investing in it fully you are only cheating yourself of an enlightening experience.

Through Gai’s coaching I was able to understand in great depth my strengths, values, beliefs, preferences and a vision for myself. Insightful tools and material is used to help you understand what this means and how to apply it to your personal situation.

The outcome is a calmer, more focused, present and confident person. This projects itself into others in your life both personally and professionally.

I would recommend Gai to anyone looking for a powerful executive/leadership coach

Gary Runciman
Chief Operating Officer, Commercial Banking Asia Pacific. ANZ Bank

And that’s just one year on! Our revenue is likely to be more than double last year’s

I had been running my governance advisory business – largely as a sole trader – for several years, but the business was not growing or developing the way I wanted. I realised that the biggest problem I had faced was that I was not accountable to anybody else for building the business.

I cannot put my finger on what actually changed, but Gai forced me to do some hard, and at times personally challenging, thinking. She did not allow me to put things off or to avoid hard decisions. The toughest phone-calls in my month were when Gai would ring and I had failed to fulfill some of the tasks that she and I had agreed at our previous session! At the time of writing, we have four significant projects, in addition to continuing work from repeat customers; I have six other people working in my business, two of them currently overseas on an assignment.

And that’s just one year on! Our revenue is likely to be more than double last year’s, with a large part of that coming from overseas. And I’m more excited about the potential than I have been since I set up the company.

I have recently begun a new round of coaching sessions with Gai to help me set some new professional and personal goals – now that I know some of what we can achieve – and to make sure that we are managing the growth in a way we can sustain.


Richard Westlake
Director, Westlake Governance

The greatest breakthrough for me was that I found that very deep inner self which can focus on the path forward rather than the barriers ie finding  a way

I have you uncovered huge resilience and ability within myself to live with uncertainty

I opened myself to huge potential and made the BIG first step and I’m amazed how it’s starting to flow.

Coaching has given me a major paradigm shift ..

Gai’s  impact is profound . One single question at the right time, with the right  approach, around a context of trust and tenacity has changed my world. Working with Gai is a gift and a privilege. Through remarkable coaching Gai provides a balanced  combination of support and challenge.  Quiet leadership at its most best !





Sue Pickering Director, Develop Ltd.

My experience with Gai has been outstanding. The tools you acquire for dealing with business and life challenges are truly useful. I feel that the work we have done over the last year have really laid the foundations to help me achieve what I want in life. Gai’s coaching felt tailored to my personal needs and covered everything from practical productivity tips to the art of leadership. I found the focus on leadership particularly useful as it involved an holistic approach focusing on tools such as self-awareness, communication and understanding how to get the best out of relationships with colleagues. Overall I highly recommend Gai as a coach and I’d be happy to discuss my experience in more detail with anyone who may be considering Gai as a coach.

Jono Earles
Account Director, Shine

Working with Gai as a personal leadership coach has been an inspirational process. It has been fun & rewarding, and the resulting impact on my professional life has been clearly recognisable. The communication & organisational skills I’ve learnt & refined through this work are of great benefit as an executive leader.

Gai’s knowledge of the brain & mind and how these work, is fundamental to her training. A combination of tools to guide us through specific processes are used at relevant stages. Gai’s knowledge & training as a ‘master trainer/certified coach’ gives confidence in being able to invest time & money into these processes & activities, and experiencing the positive outcomes proves their effectiveness.


Russell Tearle
International Business Development Manager Allpress Espresso NZ

I would highly recommend Gai to anyone who wishes to change something in their life

“I have recently completed a coaching programme with Gai. From the first session where I set my goals to the final session where we reviewed changes I had made to my life, Gai provided great support and encouragement for me. She provided me with a range of tools that enabled me to grow and understand the direction I wanted to take with my life.

“The biggest lesson I learned was that it was not the goals at the outset that were important but that it was the lessons learned on the journey toward my goals. This journey, and the tools Gai taught me, showed me that my initial goals I set were actually symptoms of what I really wanted out of life. Before completing Gai’s programme I had not been able to stand back and see the bigger picture of it all.

“I would highly recommend Gai to anyone who wishes to change something in their life, even if they don’t know exactly what it is; see Gai to find out how much more you can get out of life.”

Mike Davis
Principal, Mike Davis and Co, Chartered Accountant

I am now regularly doing things I never thought possible

“Thanks a million for the time you spent with me during our six months of coaching. When we started I was unsure as to what to expect but pretty soon I found some new and exciting ideas to work on. These quickly put me in touch with better ways of thinking for both me personally and my business.

“Soon we were working together to produce some real changes. Now a few months out from the time we spent working together I can feel the real benefits of your coaching still extending me in a whole new field of physical activity. I am now regularly doing things I never thought possible. These include me, formerly a non-cyclist, participating in the Tour of Waikanae cycle event, doing the Taupo Cycle Challenge, and every day running up the stairs instead of ambling.

“My physical self has been (re)-born. Our insurance underwriting business has also benefited from my enhanced and more open attitude, not to mention better organisation. We are now achieving the growth we need with the last three months showing a 30% rise in gross income compared to the same period last year.

“Before we started working together I thought, at 55, my achievements were things of the past, now I see the important and vital ones as being the fruit of projects and plans I am working on for the future. Already I am achieving goals, and setting new ones I never dreamt possible. My investment of time and money in our work together has already been paid back over and over again.

“I consider it a privilege to recommend your coaching and training skills to anyone seeking to enhance their business operation and, particularly, to anyone wanting to reassess and review their view of their own capabilities and reality.”

Murray Rosser
Managing Director, Rosser Insurance Services

At a time in my life when little made sense, when I was unsure of direction and purpose, Gai became my coach. She gently but firmly guided me through a range of techniques and exercises to rediscover who I really was, what I wanted in life and how to go about getting it. During this time she also became a valued and trusted friend, one I will be forever grateful to  for helping me find the real me.

MS, Chartered Accountant, New Zealand

I have found Gai to be a very skilful coach who is intelligent, intuitive, experienced and understanding

As a result of working with Gai over the last six months I have achieved a huge improvement in perspective, confidence and strategic decision making across many elements of my professional and personal life.

I highly recommend Gai as an executive coach.

Mark Elworthy
Director Merrill Lynch, Australia

I was looking for some business coaching early in 2013 and Gai was recommended to me by someone I highly regard in business. I had some strategic decisions to make around the business and Gai’s credentials were the best you can get. So I thought I was going to get myself sorted with the business.

What I in fact got was so much more than that. Gai’s incredible skills, NLP training, corporate and life experience unearthed a whole lot more that I needed to work on personally before I was able to make the big work decisions. With Gai’s guidance I now have clarity on my values, my strengths, more understanding about what drives me and my team, and most importantly how to get the most out of life holistically. My business goals are much clearer and so are my personal goals.

I recently looked back to a year ago when I first started working with Gai and realised how much I have grown and how much more content I am in life. I am more focused, my business is in a great place and I also have a better balance in life.

I can’t recommend Gai enough!”

Megan Clark
Managing Director Copper Brand Experiences

I have engaged Gai as an Executive Coach and Presenter (at training workshops) on a number of occasions in past corporate roles I have held. I have also referred Gai to a number of company executives that were seeking establishment of staff development training and/or executive coaching programmes.

I have found Gai to be highly intelligent and perceptive at knowing how to get the best out of people, by helping them discover the abilities and talents they have within. Gai can then guide them through developing and utilising those abilities/talents to help them achieve goals they never thought were possible or to perform at a high level.

Based on my own experience and feedback from others, Gai has the ability to get people to be accountable to themselves, to ensure they maintain momentum in their effort to achieve their goals and dreams.  From a personal perspective, I have always enjoyed working with Gai who has helped me develop my skills and pathways, that have assisted me achieving my goals and business objectives I have set over the years.

I have always had pleasure in referring Gai to others as I know she will make a difference to them personally as well as their business.

Dave Shatford
Business Owner, AMP Assure

Gai represents a new wave of coaching today that rivals will struggle to   match.

Her impressive commercial background (and networks) combined with her passion for human psychology means that Gai has significant depth in life, business and personal coaching and she traverses these boundaries with ease for the benefit of the client. I’ve worked with Gai for about 8 months now and she has taken me through a process that ensured we canvas the issues, explore the unsaids and set out a plan that is actionable and achievable. I would definitely recommend Gai and am happy to be contacted for more information.

Jodi Tong, NZ Strategy and Marketing Consultant; Freelancer

Gina Garvey on Executive Coaching with Gai Foskett

After 15 minutes of sitting and talking with her, Gai wisely and intuitively discovered that I had another reason for being there, possibly known to me or possibly not. I had a creative project I had been putting off that meant a great deal to me. Gai has helped make that journey from feeling stuck and fearful of change, of taking action of what would happen if I did do what I wanted to do, to doing it. What sets Gai apart from other coaches is the incredible amount of tools she brings to each individual. Her own extensive business experience, she has been there and done that. She has hard skills in coaching and a methodology and it works. She has compassion and empathy. It is who she is and she has experienced major change many times herself and knows how it feels. She also has amazing skills in NLP, and knowledge on how the brain works to make changes.

She helped me understand my beliefs, use my strengths. We set some creative dreams and goals. Some were incredibly scary but I achieved that and took another leap to write, produce, direct and star in my own show. It got great reviews. It was fantastic, but more important than that was the feeling that I had climbed my Everest. The thing that had felt impossible for years and I had achieved it. I could not have done it without Gai, no question. If you have a dream that is just a little secret that only you know about, ring Gai.

Gina Garvey

Working with a personal coach makes perfect sense

Working with a personal coach is nothing I would have thought of doing previously however when you think about it, it makes perfect sense – It’s all about stepping back, reflecting and working “on” your life rather than just existing “in” it. Gai absolutely gave me the tools to identify where I wanted to end up and the path to get there. Her friendly easy approach (whilst still keeping me on track) was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her and the process to anyone that wants to succeed – no matter what “success” means to them.”

S Ferris
Head of Product and Logistics